Sunday, January 29, 2017

Whole45 Update :: Seeking my "Differently."

Well into the 4th week of my umpteenth Whole30 style nutrition challenge (Whole45 is what's goin down these days if you missed it!), I get really excited to keep on keeping on. While a lot of Whole30er's are having dreams of that reintroduction phase and how thankful they are the Reese's Valentines hearts are dawning the shelves with such timeliness, I am ready to keep going.

Around this stage I see just what I've been missing all over again, since the last slippery slope off the wagon. I see my body change shape. I see the numbers change. I see my dependency on said numbers change. I see pictures of myself I like. I see my face differently. I see my closet differently. I see myself, my determination, my dedication, and my priorities. Differently.

Let's first get one thing straight...I am human...there are things I want sometimes more than the meat and produce awaiting me in the fridge. There are times a little dessert sounds like it would go a long way. And every once in a while a day when I'd just appreciate a dadgum glass of wine (or 2). BUT (and it's a pretty significant "but") remember those aforementioned things I see differently?? My mental strategy and game is always to call those to mind FIRST.

So as I call those things to mind, it's funny how the Bible reminds us to be on our guard from temporary satisfaction because the enemy is on the prowl. Most people don't think of food or "cheat meals" as an open door for the enemy...mostly because they don't have to. But the more I've stripped down 2017 for my reset and shut as many of those open pathways, the more I've seen that the enemy prowls around my kitchen and my meal times as well. He'd love nothing more than for me to give in, backtrack, get discouraged, self destruct, and withdraw from the Lord and His plan for even this one aspect of my life.

Lately simplifying life (in a lot of aspects) helps to keep me from getting distracted and creating pockets of access points for that prowling lion. I tend to overwhelm myself with a perfect version of the check list and then each task barrels down with an unattainable check mark. While my battle with perfectionism and unrealistic rosy pictures will be coming to a theater near you in the future, I choose to focus today on simplifying, anchoring in truth and just enjoying those "differently"s as the result. 

Today's simple focus looked like this: 
  • Get a simple workout in, even while traveling with friends, in the midst of distraction. 
  • Arrive home from the airport after a full-heart weekend full of childhood friends and cute baby nuggets in the Little Apple, Manhattan...Kansas. 
  • Go straight to the grocery store and only get what supplements things leftover or frozen from the week before. Don't try to reinvent when you've got a good base already!
  • Grab a giant ice coffee (black-duh.) and get in the meal prep zone (Too Legit To Quit playlist and all)
  • I kept it simple this week with mason jar salads and homemade dressing for lunches and an old favorite, Pizza Spaghetti Pie, for dinners. 
  • I ended prep with a tasty but simple dinner that makes me excited for the things I make and the non-boring, non-flavorless food choices I choose. (This is oven baked sweet potato discs, brussels sprouts, 100% grass fed beef Polish links (a favorite Costco discovery) and a drizzle of homemade jalapeno "ranch". Simple. Flavor, Explosion.
So yes, we have another 17 days or so in this go round for me (before I give myself a little treat for birthday shenanigans and then rev the engines again for March 1st). But I intend to pursue all the simplifying, Satan thwarting, happy place making decisions I can. Because I can. And because I can't wait to see the next thing...differently. 

Making small check marks and Finding Fit, 

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