Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Reset :: My Whole 45.

Oh hey 2017. Didn't see you there!
While I join the rest of the world in the natural mixed sentiments: "where did 2016 go?", "bye Felicia to 2016", "what am I doing with my life?"...ya know the usual New Year revelations and year turning mental crises, I also rejoin the blogging world. Said Finding Fit revival to include, though not limited to, all things health, cooking, working out, blatant truth about progress (and sometimes lack there of) and, naturally, occasional Friends references.

Rather than focus on the sad truth of a measly 6 posts that squeaked out in early 2016, I'm diving right in with the here and now!

Though I'm not one for the trendy "Resolution" thing, as expressed back in 2015 here, I am a fan of a mental reset. Any of my Facebook friends or Instagram followers know that I lead a fun life. Seriously. I am young and single; and, Lord willing, that won't be the case forever, so I embrace it! However, that fun life has sneakily become more of a priority than a lot of things the Lord has gifted me passion and drive towards (see my original story shared here), so it's time to RESET the priorities...

RESET time habits
RESET budget habits
RESET sleep habits
RESET eating habits
RESET Jesus habits.

For me, this starts back at home base...the kitchen. SO I have started Whole30 again, as of...hmm...today. Because, I'm just not good at that whole 80/20 lifestyle, and I much prefer the way I feel while pursuing smart and healthy foods. After mentioning a Whole30 to my trainer/bestie/ex-roomie, #CoachBecca, she sort of gave me that "annnnd what else?..." sort of look, nudging me to realize 30 days is a good start, but I can do more. I've done 101 days straight and lived to tell about it. So with my birthday February 17th and maybe a little celebration desired at that point, I decided a Whole45 would suffice in getting back on track for now. 

I thrive on the community of people interested in this lifestyle change and sharing recipes, techniques and research, so here we go!

Monday being a holiday provided a perfect chance to dive into shopping and cooking...or as some may say "being right back in my element". And let me tell you, I was JUST THAT. Snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners all prepped and ready to take on the week, in true Whole30 lifestyle! (And yes I'll divulge some details on these later this week). 
Plus this perfectionist's heart skips a beat at the idea of THIS image going into the week..,,
My goal is to share recipes and experiences here in my corner of the world wide web once a week for the entirety of my Whole45 so here we go....Reset is in place...and Team Monica always wins.

Still Finding Fit in 2017, 

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