Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Do Something Jar :: My WholeLIFE101

Well I posted a teaser on Instagram on Sunday night and have peaked some interest as to what exactly my next adventure is. And I'm here to divulge.
Here's the thing. It's quite simple. Just DO SOMETHING.

I recapped my Whole101 challenge here. And, well, the gist was to make "clean", Whole30 food choices for 101 days without cheating. While it was a great step back in the right direction for me, the next thing missing is my consistency in (or complete lack of) regular exercise. <<To be caught up to speed on why I have had to *temporarily* give up Crossfit, refer to my PIVOT point post.>>

Knowing my challenge-driven-mentality, one of the besties (for the purpose of this challenge, we'll call her CoachBecca) stepped up to push me into my next 101 days. "I challenge you to do at least 10 minutes of working out EVERY day for the next 101 days".
STEP BACK. WE HAVE A WINNER! Let me assure you, I'm aware 10 minutes does not a full work out make. But the name of the game is consistency, people, and CoachBecca knows exactly how to cultivate that challenge for me. ...the Do Something Jar.
This magic jar is stocked full of forty 10-minute workouts designed by Coach Becca, which I can do even with the tear in my rotator cuff. Can't make it to the Addison Athletic Club? Pull a notecard out for a 10-minute workout easily done at my apartment gym or outside. Can't even get down there? Pull a pink card for a 10-minute workout easily completed in my own lil apartment. Here was tonight's little pink card:
Yall. I could not for the life of me, get this picture to consider it artsy.
Once a card is completed I toss it in my empty jar and wait to work through all of them, before repeating a round through them all again.
Again, it's artsy.
Lemme cut to the chase. For the next 101 days, I am going to get in at least 10 minutes of working out each and every day. On top of this challenge to actually DO something, I am repeating my Whole101 to be cheat free in my meals again. (A brief stint of vacation and gallivanting proved, once again, that my gut WAY prefers the clean-eatin, paleo life) All these powers combined, create the WholeLIFE101.

I'm hopeful that this will re-spark my love of workouts and craving for activity, while I'm sidelined from Crossfiting with my bum shoulder. Plus who doesn't love this adorable little magic jar full of colorful, life-giving activities, written out with love by CoachBecca??

"Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in GOOD HEALTH as it goes WELL WITH YOUR SOUL" 3 John 1:2
So here's to good health friends, because I LIKE things that go well with my soul. :)

Venturing through my WholeLIFE101 and
Finding Fit, 

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