Friday, May 8, 2015

Lather, Rinse, Whole30, Repeat :: My Whole101.

Most people have seen my post from last weekend about the recent setbacks for me in 2015. Well, one area I didn't really address was nutrition. You can probably guess that inconsistency in circumstances can cause some serious wavering in focus in all areas.

As I started to truly see back-spliding in my weightloss and determination, it was one of my best friends who, as usual, spoke some truth to me. My friends and I love the "paleo", "clean eating" take on nutrition because it truly is feasible AND healthy at the same time. I truly believe you can turn a Whole30 into a lifestyle that is adaptable for anyone and their goals. The problem, as she pointed out, is that at THIS point in my weightloss journey, I am still not ready for a "lifestyle" approach. Not yet. And she's right.

In my first few months of  Crossfit, one of my coaches looked at me as I paused to catch my breath during a workout. She said "You should be working harder than anyone here". While someone else may have wanted to slug her, I found myself thankful. Thankful for coaches who recognize how to push me. Thankful for the acknowledgement of a hard truth. And thankful for that community I had found.

I can't help but think of that moment when thinking of my "not yet". To continue my personal fitness journey that is my own and unlike anyone else's, I have to work unlike anyone else. I've noticed a lot of "not yet's" in my twenties and am continually spurred to press into God's plan when mine isn't going as plannd...and this time, I couldn't help but feel spurred to (yes, yet another) WHOLE30! But this time, it's not just a challenge to eat perfectly well for 30 days...I'm goin for 101!

Why 101? Well a Whole100 sounds really cool, so I started with the thought of get another Whole30 out of the way and then continue into a Whole100. And if the goal is a refocused mindset and a continued determination, then the 1 day more than 100 just sounds like a good step towards perpetuating forward.

For now, I am working my way through event after event, traveling, banquets, holidays and celebrations, without straying to a "cheat", and proving to myself and others that there truly are "NO EXCUSES". Sitting at Day 46 as I write, I know that my focus this time isn't necessarily weight loss as much as complacency loss. A calendar by my door counts the days for a visual accountability and prepped meals, snacks, and friends and family prevent that complacency from setting in.
While I'd like to say that this will be all it takes, my "not yet" has proven a serious discipline is necessary for results. SO lather, rinse, Whole30, REPEAT...because a reset is in progress, PEOPLE!

Whole 101-ing AND
Finding Fit,


  1. I'm reading this on day 48. Which means you're 48 hours away from 50..which is 12 hours away from 50.5, which is 50% of Whole101.

    All of that to say.....keep going. You're doing great :)

    1. I love your math. I love your comments. I love you :)