Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Avocado Swag :: Chicken Stuffed Avocados.

So I posted a picture of my dinner a couple weeks ago (I know. No surprise there.) and you'da thought I had cured stupidity or something. While I'd love to take complete credit for those avocado dream boats, I was inspired by other clean cooking master minds!
The inspiration for these shredded chicken stuffed avocados came from a find on none other than Instagram. I get the majority of my inspiration from Instagram and all the amazing Paleo, Clean-eating, Whole30 accounts out there. There are so many people sharing their kitchen follies, their weight loss journeys, and just healthy lifestyle in general; and, Instagram makes it so easy to find them. As ridiculous as #hashtags can be since, let's face it, they really just started as commentary on our own commentary, they truly are helpful in connecting with other posts and blogs to get creative juices flowing. <Insta Paleo Community Plug Over>

Back to those stuffed avocados...

The idea came from Fed & Fit. Find her easy to follow instructions HERE. Her method of making easily shredded chicken is seriously awesome. I always end up chopping my chicken when it won't shred but this shredded perfectly with two forks and stayed perfectly moist.  Will definitely be using this method for more kitchen play in the future.

ANYWAY, I chose to use some of my new limited edition "Cajun Lovers Seasoning" from FlavorGod. You've heard me rave about these amazing seasonings and this one is no different. I gave a nice coating to the chicken after shredding it for some serious flavor!
The next steps say to stuff your avocado halves with the chicken and bake for 5 minutes at 400* while prepping your drizzle.
I opted to use my go-to Paleo Jalapeno Ranch because I find it so easy to make and have on hand and I just love the flavor :) I posted the link to this dressing back here and highly recommend getting on that!

My side of choice was my Roasted Bacon Brussels Sprouts and I even sprinkled some crispy bacon pieces over the avocados for some added texture.
Fresh out the oven, yall
With a drizzle of the ranch and along side a scoop of sprouts, these stuffed avocados brought some serious game to dinner. I can see these making great appetizers or great Super Bowl or otherwise entertainment centered delicatessen. I even liked them cold for easy leftovers!
So get your avocado swag on, get your Instagram inspiration ignited, and...ya know...always add bacon.

Stuffing Avocados and Finding Fit,

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  1. time I'm on your couch (we need to set a date by the way), I'm gonna need these. Please and thank you! I'll even help. I'll cut the avocados in half. You welcommmmmmmmme :)