Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Root of Today.

Today started with a traumatic was possibly preventable, yet somehow inevitable...and, because of it, I have been changed. Yes, you guessed it...I had a root canal.
Did I mention I have a flair for the dramatics?
There's a point to this, I promise.

I was in the chair for a good 2+ hours when all was said and done; and, leaving with a growling stomach and a half numb mouth didn't exactly bode well for a girl in the midst of a "nutrition challenge". Milkshakes, ice-cream, slurpies... That was the list I got for things to consume in the coming hours. I have to say, the long gone, old mentality would have said "well YA! you deserve that now" or "well there's just no way around it..." And I know I'm not alone in that.
Not this time. Not this girl. I've made a promise to work hard and have been completely committed to this particular 8-week Paleo challenge (we'll address that later) and I was not about to throw consistency out over dental work and Novocaine.

SO first stop before meds and back to work, was The Juice Bar. Knowing it would be a while before eating, I needed nutrients. The good ones. I chose a hefty green cold pressed juice, comprised of only veggies and some fruit, with no other added junk like so many "juices" out there have. (Read your labels, people!)
The bottle of green goodness sustained me in my groggier state, and I'm sure the straw slurp-sip out the side of my mouth was an excellent added bonus.

As I arrived home tonight, my mouth incredibly sore, I was starving. My solution was crushed up tuna, crushed up avocado and some homemade jalapeno ranch sauce. Though the mush was less riveting in texture than my normal kitchen endeavors, it was yummy and compliant. Beyond that, I was satisfied and fed and proud to have not fallen prey to the typical exemption to the rule moments that accompany being sick...

My dental centered rambling is all to say...there are no excuses. Slow your roll. It just takes a little thoughtfulness and remembering where your priorities lie. At the root of it, choosing the healthy solutions is choosing the healthy ME.
I will not claim to have my act together 100% of the time (or I wouldn't be starting this blog project) BUT I have to be encouraged by these small moments of victory, and share them as ideas and inspiration for someone else like me, in need of a little victory...and some pain meds...

Finding Fit,

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