Friday, September 26, 2014


I mentioned a certain "Paleo challenge" the other day and thought I'd elaborate. There are a lot of "nutrition/paleo/clean eating/sugar detox themey challenges" out there and, for the most part, they're pretty much 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other...the moral is always just cut the crap, eat REAL FOOD.

HOWEVER, this challenge grabs me for some reason and I had to dive back in. The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge (also the Lurong Living Real Food Challenge) is all about a lifestyle. Targeting my people...the Crossfitting kind, it is 8 weeks of programing, goal setting, community recipe and meal plan sharing, and accountability to stay "clean". I participated with my box, Crossfit Strong, in 2012 and it was a time I felt at my best. What is it about competition mentality that makes me wanna put on my game face and prove that, in fact, Team Monica always wins?!

For those who don't know, the Lurong challenge has a foundation of the typical paleo food list. The yes, the no, and the use in moderation foods. Eliminating dairy, sugar, grains, legumes and alcohol. I log in daily to report for 6 possible times of eating a day and click either "cheat" or "clean" and send it off into the judgement of the www world. Benchmark workouts mark the progress from beginning to end as well as the tangible results of weight and measurements changes.
Here's one of my favorite lifting buddies and I after she did one of the benchmark WODs with me at open gym today. Thanks for always pushing me to be better and dancing around barbells with me, Taylor!

The forums offered on the Lurong website connect you with people of all walks participating in the same lifestyle change movement. Sharing recipes, asking questions and educating ourselves, it's an extension of the Crossfit camaraderie and connection of people that I love so much. I really love people. I know. THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION.

Anywho, for someone who was needing a swift kick in the booty to refocus for the fall and get back on track with my weight loss, I was eager to sign up for this challenge...AND to tell people I signed up. I have no problem letting people know I'm participating because...yep...there goes that accountability thing again. I'm all in, folks. And while, I can't base a lifestyle solely on a challenge here and there, I sure can use these as stepping stones and opportunities where needed. And this one was needed.

I have no intention of ending these "cheat" free days when we hit the challenge's end on November 9th. I have no intention of it being easy. But I also have no intention of letting Team Monica down. Again, Team Moncia always wins.

Thank you guys for the love, support, and check-ins.

Finding Fit,

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