Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut :: Hitting the Bag...and the Floor.

Tonight we tried something totally new. Boxing!
Sitting at just over 6 weeks post-op here (if you missed my big ole 2016 announcement on that surgery...snuggle in here), I am DYING to get back into working out. I still have a good 3-4 weeks (give or take) until I'm cleared to do pretty much any exercise my body, specifically my abdomen, can take. But I am SO ready to get into some routine again, so I have waited, with baited breath, for 6 weeks to pass to be able to dive into something.

I'm not cleared to use weights or do any core specific workouts yet, so my brain kept going back to boxing!
While I know there are tons of great ways to get workouts in at home, or the athletic club or what not, I've realized the community and the consistency of showing up somewhere are best...err necessary...for me. So since boxing kept coming to mind, Becca and I decided to take on a lil free trial and see what it's all about!

We got all mummified up the arms with our wraps...seriously they are like 3 miles long.
Mummy hands in our fancy new wraps!
Then jumped into the "15 minute warm-up". Let me tell you. This was NOT just a warm up. My arms and legs were already giving out mid warm-up to the point of me laughing hysterically at myself.
Picture it. Get down for a burpee. Go to scale it by walking yourself up. Can't even use arms to push chest off ground. I. Am. Stuck. And I'm supposed to do another one.

As we tried to catch on to each set and combo, when to jab, when to hook and when to duck, I noticed the room around us. Everyone was in their own punching bag world. Doing their own version. Pushing however they could. Yet, we were still doing it all together. Not the same, but a taste of my beloved Crossfit world. PLUS there were some excellent jams that I did NOT mind doing high knees and upper cuts to. Let's be honest.

While there were a lot of things I couldn't quite do yet, and a lot of things that my scaling looked more laying on the floor... I could feel the rush of endorphins and soreness rush over my body all at once. And, MAN, did I miss that feeling.
We had "15 minute Core" time at the end...which again...looked more like me on the floor hugging a medicine ball. But laying there, I just knew this could be good for me.  
Drenched in sweat but we look GOOD in giant boxing gloves!
Also. An excellent release of tension...if you ever have any...
Becca and I left agreeing that this is a wise next step for me and something I can stick to in order to see the next results on this crazy ride!
Now don't you fret my Crossfit fam, you can't keep me out much longer. I hope to be cleared and back at it in a few months because my heart longs for it, and my dead lift and push press PR's have probably halved themselves at this point. But I digress...

I'm one happy girl to have tried something new, mostly sucked at it, and be ready to go back for more. Now excuse my t-rex arms for the next few days...

Finding Fit,

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  1. You look GOOD in those gloves. Like I know you like scarves and vests and stuff, but you could TOTALLY make boxing gloves the next big thing.